Stitching The Zigzag Way To Finish Your Seams

zigzag stich

It is imperative to learn the patterns of zigzag stitching to offer a quality touch to your sewing project. The zigzag stitches shall avail a tidy and ordered look to your seams. It also prevents the garment from tattering and unraveling. You can complete the zigzag stitching within a few minutes of time. It is a fantastic option to explore owing to its simple attributes. The stitches can be turned purposeful when you have to finish without overlocking. You can always opt for an overlock foot to simplify your stitching. The little metal flap of the overlock foot aligns the fabric and the stitching procedure.

Now let’s move on to the practical part. Begin stitching the seams in the usual format. As you finish, cut them. But make sure to avail a few mm space to lodge the zigzag stitches. Then to begin the zigzag stitches, it is essential to customize your sewing machine. For the setup, position the overlock foot on the sewing machine. Carrying out a trial run is necessary. Assess the tension and width of the stitches during the test run. Refer to the manual to make appropriate changes. As the fabric edge touches the metallic flap of the overlock foot, begin stitching along the first seam.

Sewing on a sheer, lightweight fabric requires a more careful approach. You can either opt to sew both the seams aligned together as a single unit or stitch them distinctly. The right-side end of your zigzag stitch must touch the fabric’s edge. Never back tack at both the ends. Instead of back tacking, you can connect the loose ends of the threads with a double knot. Ensure a double knot at both the ends to secures your stitches. Then trim away the excess threads. Finally, it is time to press the seams based on the pattern you have stitched. So, here you complete the seams in the right way.