To Sew Stuffs In A Jiffy


Most often all of us are hard pressed for time. When you are only left with a few hours to sew a garment, you cannot keep stitching at your speed. It is imperative that you know some useful tricks to help you stitch faster. When you face a time crunch, it is necessary to let go the pins. You can combine the initial seams together to begin sewing. Then quickly bring in the edge of the fabric as you stitch. And when you think you require a break to align the seams, make use of the hand wheel. Do not alter the sewing line. As you learn this trick, you will completely forego pins.

Though stitching might look simpler, it involves many numbers of steps. It encompasses aligning, stitching and trimming the thread accordingly. The presser foot has to be raised and lowered appropriately. And finally, the garment must be adjusted several times based on your stitching. To save the time involved in all these practices, consider chain stitching. You do not have to halt and resume in-between. You can also join several fragments at a stretch. As the first seam comes to an end, you can continue to sew by feeding another one until you come to a close. Then press all the seams together, and you’re done within a few minutes of time.

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